As the days grow shorter and the leaves begin to change, there are a few fall home maintenance tasks that homeowners should complete. Taking care of basic upkeep will prepare your property for colder weather and keep the home in good condition.

Why is Home Maintenance Necessary in the Fall?

Winter can be rough on a home, but some maintenance projects help prepare your property for winter’s harsh weather. Colder air, ice, and snow lead to increased energy bills and wear and tear on the heating system. You want the furnace running optimally and the home to be well-insulated at this time of year. Here are some projects to add as part of your fall home maintenance schedule.

Order a Roofing Inspection

A fall roof inspection is helpful before winter to find broken or cracked shingles, damaged flashing, and leaks. An annual inspection could save you thousands of dollars in repairs by catching issues early before they become major problems. It’s also better to tackle repairs or roof replacement in the fall when the weather is pleasant and before cold and ice arrive.

Power Wash Exterior Surfaces

Fall is an ideal time to power wash exterior surfaces such as your home’s siding and the driveway and walkways. The temperature is milder than in the summer and your exterior will be tidy before winter. Power washing eliminates dirt and grime accumulated on driveways, sidewalks, fencing, and decks over the summer months, boosting curb appeal.

A Furnace Inspection is Important for Fall Home Maintenance

Checking your furnace is among the most essential fall home maintenance tasks to complete. A furnace inspection involves checking the system for problems, cleaning or replacing the filter, and cleaning the vents.

Window Caulking

Window caulking helps save money on energy costs by preventing cold air from leaking into your home during the winter months. Look for areas with air leaks and apply caulk to fill gaps and cracks. Caulk around window frames, sills, and corners.

Install Entry Door Seals

Inspect the weather-stripping around exterior doors to make sure it is in good condition. This material is necessary to keep cold air out of the house. In addition, use entry door seals, sweeps, high-quality thresholds, or other materials to snugly seal around the doors.

Order a Chimney Inspection as Part of Your Fall Home Maintenance

Fall home maintenance should include a chimney inspection to verify the structure is safe and that the chimney is properly vented so harmful gases exhaust outside of your home. A chimney inspector will check the flue and examine the damper to make sure it’s functioning properly.

Don’t overlook home maintenance responsibilities. Especially in the fall, it’s important to protect your home and make upgrades to reduce energy bills in the months ahead. Performing basic tasks around the house also helps you catch potential issues with structures or systems before they become expensive problems.

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