Why You Should Hire a Home Inspector Who Uses a Drone

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  • date October 14, 2020
Why You Should Hire a Home Inspector Who Uses a Drone

Buying a home is often the single largest purchase an individual or family will ever make. During the home buying process, buyers look for a house with curb appeal, the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and other features they need. However, unexpected structural issues or repairs can turn a new home into an expensive money pit. To prevent this from happening, order a home inspection to learn about the condition of the property. Some home inspectors use advanced technologies to provide a more detailed inspection report. Here is why you should hire a home inspector who uses a drone.

Why Hire a Home Inspector Who Uses a Drone?

When determining the structural integrity of a home, one of the most important factors is the condition of the roof. Home inspections that take advantage of drone technology will return an up-close and in-depth assessment of the condition of a roof, including hard to access areas and features.

Roofs That May Require a Drone

Roofs that require a drone inspection are often steeply pitched or generally unsafe for the inspector to physically walk. A home inspection report will include high-resolution photos and even videos of the property’s roof, captured by the drone.

This information is invaluable in the home buying process and gives you, the buyer, the details you need to make an informed purchase. A home inspector who doesn’t use a drone can only speculate on the true condition of a roof when it is unsafe to access.

Other Added Benefits of Drones in Home Inspections

The benefits of using a drone in a home inspection do not end with the roof. A drone can also give buyers a birds-eye view of the land that accompanies a house. The buyer can get a high-resolution aerial photo of a property’s plot and surrounding areas when the home inspector uses a drone. This is especially helpful for homes on a wooded lot or a larger parcel of land.

Choose a Home Inspector with a Drone

Choosing an experienced and reputable home inspector is one of the most important steps when buying a home. Next time you purchase a property, get the most out of your home inspection by hiring a home inspector who uses a drone.

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