Did you recently have a new home built and are thinking of skipping the inspection? This could be a mistake, as it’s possible that errors were made by the subcontractors involved with the build. A new construction inspection provides key insights into the condition of the home and helps prevent the need for high-dollar repairs in the future. Since even new homes have flaws, it’s important not to forego this inspection.

Common Issues Found in Newly Built Homes

It’s a misconception that new homes are perfect. They may have hidden issues like structural defects, cracks in the foundation, and poor-quality framing. Grading and drainage issues lead to water damage in the future. Inspectors may find projects that were completed poorly or with faulty materials, or not completed at all. A new construction inspection will report on any defects so you can address them with your builder.

What’s Covered in a New Construction Inspection?

Home inspectors are trained to assess a home during the stages or phases of construction. Phase inspections include foundation and framing, electrical and ductwork, and another inspection of the finished home before the final walkthrough with the builder. The final new construction inspection covers everything from the basement to the roof, including windows, appliances, and the main systems and components of the home.

Many homeowners think that a municipal code inspection is sufficient, however, the code inspector visits many properties each day and is only making sure the property is not in violation of local building codes. A professional home inspector performs a thorough assessment of your home and all of its components.

Risks of Skipping a New Construction Inspection

While a new homebuyer can opt-out of a home inspection, it is not recommended. Small issues might become major problems in the future. Addressing them now will save you money in the long run, plus the builder can make any needed repairs before you move into the home.

A new home might look flawless to the untrained eye, yet have serious issues that need to be corrected by the builder. A qualified home inspector will help you protect your investment by providing an inspection report detailing any problems or concerns that you can review with your builder.

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